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SyNet Facilitators Complete Our Virtual Instruction Certification

SyNet is pleased to announce that our first global cohort of 87 SyNet facilitators participated in our virtual instruction certification,  Standing Out as a Virtual Facilitator.

In 2020, SyNet Americas developed the micro-learning-based curriculum for the Standing Out as a Virtual Facilitator certification program based upon research and observation of facilitators from around the world who excelled in developing rapport, building engagement, facilitating best practices and application, and using technology in the virtual classroom. The program, which is delivered via micro-learning lessons that allow participants to score points for participation and proficiency, focuses on nearly 50 specific behaviors that are associated with excellence in facilitating virtual sessions.

Topical areas in the virtual instruction certification program included: 

  • Preparing Yourself and Your Physical Space (including lessons on specific technology)
  • Preparing Your Content
  • Preparing Your ‘Virtual Room’
  • Getting the Session Started
  • Creating and Maintaining Rapport
  • Building Engagement, Keeping Attention and Increasing Interest
  • Working with a Producer

The lessons were built using custom-built animated videos, self-paced activities, mini-assessments and special application assignments. Lessons in the virtual instruction certification were designed to be completed in as little as 3 minutes or up to 30 minutes.

To support our faculty as they facilitate virtual instructor-led training, each received a copy of our Standing Out as a Virtual Facilitator toolkit that reminds and reinforces the behaviors that bring success in virtual instructor-led training.

We appreciate the time and dedication of our global faculty who completed this six-week virtual instruction certification. Congratulations!