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SyNet has been providing health, wellness, wellbeing and safety programs for clients in many industries around the world. We recognize that by supporting individuals and teams to develop healthy habits, these individuals see boosts in productivity and increases in innovation capacity—ultimately creating sustainable performance.

Our Health & Wellbeing Program

To address the increasing risk of poor wellbeing in the workplace, we partnered with medical doctors, psychologists, data scientists and learning and development professionals—some having personally recovered from burnout—to design our unique program.

In our Health & Wellbeing program, individuals identify and reduce stressors to avoid the final consequence of “burnout.” Gallup’s “State of the Global Workplace 2022” report finds $322 billion of turnover and lost productivity cost globally due to employee burnout. Our studies show that 35% of employees at all levels are already at risk of experiencing burnout today.

The good news is that this is an addressable problem. The first step is a self-evaluation using the proprietary “State of Energy” survey. This holistic and comprehensive survey helps set the base, and identify actions that are needed to boost wellbeing.

The second step is a learning journey focusing on different dimensions of wellbeing—Physical, Emotional, Mental and Purpose dimensions. The journey consists of a series of immersive workshops empowering leaders and employees to develop lifelong habits that promote health, and foster a culture of wellbeing.

The third step is an ongoing check and balance that supports sustainability paired with wellbeing coaching.

We work to understand each sponsoring organization’s specific needs and to tailor to their culture and wellbeing journeys.

A few benefits of the Health & Wellbeing program for individuals and organizations:

  • Analysis of the personal State of Energy.
  • Empowerment to take responsibility for personal wellbeing.
  • Trackable wellbeing-related behavioral change.
  • Leadership report containing a detailed view of main stressors, number of employees at risk, etc.
  • Targeted use of health and wellbeing budget.

In addition to our program, SyNet has a team of global, multi-lingual facilitators, many certified in wellbeing coaching tools such as heart rate variability interpretation. Many in our global network have formal role experience in corporate wellbeing, health and safety. Contact us for more information about our work in Health & Wellbeing.