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Our evaluation methodology is determined during design of the program. Typical evaluation includes:

Level 1: Reaction of Student:
what they thought and felt about the training

  • Post-program participants reaction surveys (online or in hard copy).
  • Results of structured interviews with participants.
  • Anecdotal comments captured during and after programs.

Level 2: Learning:
the resulting increase in knowledge or capability

  • Pre- and Post-program knowledge test (online or in hard copy).
  • Observation checklist with facilitator observation.

Level 3: Behavior:
extent of behavior and capability improvement and implementation/application

  • On-the-job observation using standardized checklists.
  • Multi-rater feedback instruments to measure perception of behavior change.
  • Performance review and other existing performance measures.
  • Application assignments with structured report-outs.

Level 4: Results:
the effects on the business or environment resulting from the trainee’s performance

  • Application assignments with structured report-outs and business measures.
  • Linkage to existing performance metrics for the business.