Transforming Your People is Our Focus

As forerunners in transformational leadership development, we make the difference by combining cutting-edge content and technology with proven learning methodologies to deliver best-in-class solutions. Our talented team of affiliated consultants, instructional designers, trainers and coaches throughout the world are leading experts in their fields. Each is committed to helping your promising leaders accelerate business growth, navigate corporate change and increase overall performance.

Who We Are

SyNet is comprised of three founding organizations, each operating a legal enterprise in the country in which it is located. (This can be an advantage for those clients that need to hire certain types of nationals or gender-preferred consultants to meet regulatory standards in certain countries.)

  • PPS International Limited, New York, USA—SyNet Americas
  • IPM Consulting GmbH, Munich, Germany—SyNet EMEA
  • IPM Consulting APAC Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia—SyNet APAC

Our group includes regionally based full-time coordination staff and access to more than 200 consulting and training professionals in 39 countries.  Nearly any of our consultants can be assigned a project, as we operate according to expertise, not location.

Our Consultants…

Have a combined experience level of more than 2500 years in consulting and facilitation.
Facilitate in 11 languages; most also speak proficient English.
Are certified in dozens of assessments and branded training and development programs and processes.

Our Way of Working

We are the vendor of choice to leading global organizations for the design, customization and delivery of talent management and learning & development initiatives in all major markets and across diverse cultures.

We earned this reputation by providing our clients with services of the highest quality, in a cost-effective and consistently way. We are dedicated to authentic communication in dealing with our client partners and their  stakeholders. We seek to make recommendations with your organization’s best interests in mind above all else. We believe business is most effective with this type of true professional collaboration. In short, we are what we teach.

We Seek…

  • To provide a one-stop resource that allows clients to completely integrate their Talent Development, HR and L&D strategies to maximize employee performance to meet business goals and objectives.
  • To offer cost-effective customized solutions for our clients that utilize multiple learning methodologies and technologies, always with a participant-centric focus.
  • To provide turnkey solutions that incorporate global best practices and thought leadership.

In an Average Year…

Our regional offices serve more than 200 individual client organizations, the majority of which partner with us to develop their leaders and more than half of whom have worked with us for 5 or more years.
Our assessments are used by more than 6000 individual leaders.
We design and implement close to 15 full-scale leadership and professional development solutions.

The Way We Work

SyNet operates from a 100% client-centric perspective. We carefully listen as you articulate your unique needs so we can develop innovative solutions to your complex problems. Our goal is not merely to manage client relationships, but to genuinely connect with you and your organizational culture—inspiring real and lasting change. This leads to shared success and satisfaction for all involved.

As a global organization with locally operating units, we are proud to say that wherever you meet us you will experience:

  • Cutting-edge and best-in-class interventions and solutions to address performance-limiting problems and issues.
  • Senior consultants with in-depth knowledge and experience.
  • Complete turn-key capabilities to address your talent development needs from start-to-finish.
  • Interactive training methodology vs. conceptual learning and lecture.
  • Transformative learning experiences that result in behavior change and lifting of organizational capability.

We believe that learning is a lifetime endeavor. We unashamedly love to learn and are constantly expanding our knowledge base. Check out the latest resources in the News+Resources if you want to learn more, too.