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As much as executives have the best intentions in their leadership role, they are often better in their knowledge of what to do than in their actual actions (in other words what leaders do is not necessarily connected to what they think they are doing). In our view this widely experienced ‘knowing vs. doing gap’ can only be overcome by focusing and anchoring the professional and personal experience of a leader in three additional dimensions, which together form our Executive Coaching Model.

Five Domains

Knowing refers to the executive’s essential cognitive capabilities: reference frameworks, concepts and mental models driving their leadership choices and decision-making.

Feeling refers to the executive’s capabilities for sensing of what wants to emerge.

Doing refers to the executive’s (experiential) capabilities and approaches to development and implementation of the new.

Being refers to the executive’s inner and outer orientation as connected to values, beliefs, passion and source for transformation.

Context is the executive’s capability to explore the wider system, sensemaking of the current situation and ability to act to impact the system for the better.

Over the course of the SyNet Executive Coaching Process, participants are supported and challenged in all five domains. The Coach and Coachee co- create thoughtful, highly intentional learning experiences that comprehensively address the executive’s developmental needs.

Based on a co-active coaching model, SyNet coaches act as “truth-tellers,” helping their coachees leverage their gifts and talents in new ways they never utilized before.  While staying close to their coachee’s personal development agenda, SyNet coaches never losing sight of the business objectives, thereby enhancing business success. Senior level executives have described working with SyNet coaches as ‘both life and work transforming.’

SyNet coaches are trained to look at both systemic and personal aspects of any challenge an executive might face.  Our coaches believe that individuals are impacted by the corporate “system” and in turn that each individual’s behavior affects the overall corporate system.  SyNet coaches combine business acumen with human behavior expertise. This unique pairing of skills and experience helps executives achieve sustainable change and positive growth in both their leadership practices and in the quality of their business performance.