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Science, in particular the recent contributions from research in neuroscience, has validated the multiple benefits of Awareness-Based Leadership (ABL), a leadership concept emerging from the practices of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

Over the last decade, both fields have been proven—in the context of the work environment—to enable three crucial skills sets: stellar work performance, outstanding leadership and the ability to create the conditions of happiness.

At the core of our ABL development curricula is the cultivation of self-awareness, the most important capability for leaders to develop according to the Stanford Business Advisory Council. Participants are encouraged to examine limiting and conflicting values and belief systems in their role as leaders and are supported in overcoming those through critical self-reflection and introspection. The programs are designed to provide a safe environment for leaders to uncover their own blind spots and ways to better manage them in their professional contexts while developing their own unique and authentic leadership style for peak performance.

Participants find that our ABL program supports them as individuals and in their roles as leaders in the following ways:

  • Increased focus in thought and action.
  • Greater ability to understand and see the world for what it is, non-judgmentally.
  • Higher capacity to act with increased awareness versus reactionary impulse.
  • Improvement in decision-making, particularly under pressure and constraints.
  • Ability to relate more positively to oneself (self-acceptance and attitude to oneself).
  • Regaining a sense of authentic fulfillment in life and work.

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