SyNet builds and actively develops our global network of facilitators. We offer high-quality training and facilitation, in multiple languages, using regional and local consultants. This allows us to adjust for cultural differences from region-to-region, keep travel costs low for in-person offerings and support clients who need to implement training across their global employee population.

Our global network of trainers have been screened for specific core competencies and certified to consistently deliver training of the highest quality both virtually and face-to-face. The consultants in our network have training and consulting expertise in many industries including life sciences, manufacturing, energy, aerospace and defense, automotive, financial services, technology and more. Our network has delivered content on behalf of clients in areas such as leadership, supervisory skills, digital acumen, compliance areas (workplace harassment prevention, for instance), wellbeing and safety, core values, influencing skills, coaching, leading hybrid teams and more.

We facilitate:

  • SyNet programs in topic areas such as leadership, health and wellbeing, professional skills, teaming and more.
  • Programs our clients have designed and developed, sometimes as a co-facilitation engagement with an internal HR or business leader or as a single-lead done exclusively by SyNet.
  • Licensed third-party programs (for example, Crucial Conversations, Insights Discovery, Everything DiSC, Hogan Leadership Series debriefing, etc.).

Many of our clients partner with us for contract facilitation in order to supplement internal capabilities or to rollout programs with high volume. Because of our experience in this area, SyNet is able to adapt the train-the-trainer process to client budget, program content and methodology, often with abbreviated ramp-up times. A few examples of these types of projects include:

  • Delivering a corporate health training globally for an automotive manufacturer, addressing regional differences.
  • Facilitating 200 offerings a year of a multi-session, virtually offered front-line leader program for a global pharmaceutical organization; facilitating in eleven languages.
  • Co-facilitating a global, corporate performance management program with internal HR Leaders.
  • Onboarding global independent contractors previously used by a global corporation to deliver a corporate-designed wellbeing program, allowing the client to continue to use their tried-and-true local resources, yet work with a single supplier.
  • Partnering with IMD Business School to roll out a cascaded, global digital leadership program around the world.

Our facilitators are located in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America and Mexico. All our international trainers are multi-lingual and speak fluent English.

We actively manage and develop members of our global consulting network, holding face-to-face development meetings, certification sessions and coaching sessions. Our SyNet affiliates meet standards for business practices and use our skill-based training methodology. Our network routinely achieves 4.6 out of a 5.0 in participant evaluation scores of the facilitator experience—with both SyNet content and content designed by our clients.

To ensure our trainers and facilitators understand their assignments we conduct project briefings and certification programs. This ensures our clients receive three things, regardless of where the project is implemented:

  1. Consistency in content delivered and methodology used
  2. Quality of experience from a learner-centric perspective
  3. Return on investment for talent development and training team effort