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New managers face multiple challenges: establishing open communication with others, managing performance, coaching, staffing their units, and facilitating effective problem-solving meetings. To succeed, managers must have confidence and practical skills for handling the day-to-day issues they face as key personnel your organization counts on to guide employees in achieving their goals and remaining engaged in their work.

SyNet uses proven training methodologies based on the premise that to create behavior change, learners must be involved, see immediate value and apply the skills and concepts to real-world situations, with feedback and reinforcement from our consulting experts.

SyNet offers three formats of leadership programs:

  • Live, in-class training – All of our programs can be conducted as live, face-to-face classes that range from 1 to 5 days.
  • Hybrid training (combination of in-class time + virtual modules) – Many of our programs are structured as hybrid types of leadership development and management education that combine in-class face-to-face time with elements of distance and e-learning.
  • Virtually facilitated modules — Some programs are delivered via virtual modules utilizing Webex(R) or related platforms.

Most of these programs are pre-designed learning offerings. This makes them cost-effective solutions to target the real-world challenges faced at every level of management. These off-the-shelf solutions can be tailored to your organization’s specific requirements at a fraction of the cost of designing from scratch, ensuring you can cover all existing management skill-building needs without depleting already-stretched budgets.

Contact us to learn more. The following is a partial list of our programs.

Leadership & Management Programs

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