We offer a variety of webinars on professional development topics, including:

Assertive Communication: 90-minute webinar for leaders and others learn how to use an appropriate level of assertiveness in communicating and use active listening to build understanding.

Business Correspondence: One-hour webinar helping individuals improve their writing skills including structuring drafts and editing. This webinar helps to ensure writing conforms to professional standards.

Doing the Tough Stuff Well: Two-hour webinar for leaders to better deliver difficult messages— those that are tough for the sender to give and for the receiver to hear.

Executive Communication & Influence: Series of three-hour webinars that addresses best practices in presenting your ideas to senior leaders of organizations—in order to get buy in and specific action from them. Webinars in the series includes: Clear Messages, Increase Influence and Handling Challenges.

Giving & Receiving Feedback (for managers and employees): 90-minute and two-hour webinars designed for managers to learn how to give formal feedback, especially as part of a performance review or appraisal discussion, and for employees to learn how to analyze their own performance.

Indispensable Assistant: 90-minute webinar that helps you learn to clarify expectations and set up-front agreements about goals, job duties and assignments as an assistant.

Interaction Styles in Action: 90-minute webinar to build influence skills for team members and others using Interaction Styles. Webinar includes web-based completion of SOLO IS (an online Interaction Style Self-Profile and Guidebook).

Leading from A Distance: 90-minute webinar that covers the core topics leaders can use for a distance working arrangement to work effectively.

Leading in Turbulent Times: Two-hour webinar series on dealing with change and transition, including case studies and specific actions to improve effectiveness of teams.

Leading Through Transformation: 90-minute webinar on how to lead organizational transformation and how to build followership.

Managing Millennials: 90-minute webinar on dealing with different generations in the workplace and practical strategies to bridge differences in expectations.

Organizational Savvy: 90-minute webinar on managing organizational politics in a way that builds relationships and avoiding barriers to being influential.

Resiliency at Work: 90-minute webinar to learn the key activities individuals can undertake to support personal and team resiliency.

Self-Management & Use of Time: 90-minute webinar to help individuals plan, prioritize and structure their time in order to be most effective.

Team Effectiveness (with DiSC): A 90-minute or two-hour interactive session for team members to better understand themselves and others using knowledge of working preferences. This webinar includes completion of and individual Everything DiSC® report for individuals and review of group report for teams.

Working from a Distance: 90-minute webinar for remote employees to learn strategies to successfully work remotely including how to accomplish teamwork and collaboration without having daily face-to-face contact with others.

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