If you are interested in becoming a consultant with SyNet, we invite you to contact us at info@www.synet-group.com. We ongoingly looking for talented, highly knowledgeable people with a sense of humor and a human touch.

Please provide details about your organizational development background, specific skills and training you can offer, current location, your CV or biography and a link to your LinkedIn profile. We look forward to getting to know you.

Our Trainer Certification

When transferring the delivery function over to client personnel, we provide support in a number of ways. This support can involve curriculum briefings, one-on-one coaching to facilitation and teaching skills workshops. The most appropriate approach will depend on the knowledge, skills and experience of the individual trainer/facilitators taking over the delivery role. We typically recommend a four-step process to achieve trainer competency in skill-based training, facilitation skills and program delivery. This process includes:

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