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The pressure on organizations to change in an environment of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity will only increase over the next years.

With technology advancing every day, a new generation entering the workforce, a global economy constantly shifting and growing…it is hardly surprising that companies feel the need to transform and adapt.

Yet most of the processes, tools and methods that are used in an attempt to transform corporations into stronger competitors fail to alter behavior. Most workers in today’s markets are resistant to change and fail to master complexity.

SyNet understands this phenomenon and works with corporations throughout the world to give guidance, structure and training in all areas of change and complexity management.

Chart a Course

Charting a course for greater productivity and increased profitability, we help you:

  • Establish a vision for future success.
  • Communicate the new vision.
  • Determine new methods of utilizing your resources.
  • Place people in positions that are most effective for the company while optimizing the skills of the people involved.
  • Ensure that during times of stress, the new vision, strategies and methods will not be abandoned for the old way of doing things.

SyNet does this through our consulting and “change curriculum” in several areas:

  • The Cultural Change Process—in which we review with your leadership team the theory and practice and achieving a smooth cultural change.
  • The 9-Step Change Management Program—in which we work with your company for a period of time, walking the leadership team through a 9-step process.
  • Educating the organization and key individuals within it on contextual intelligence and mastering uncertainty and ambiguity.

All of this helps you create a permanent shift in behavior and cultivate a new corporate culture by influencing two levels: mindset and emotions. Our change consulting goes to the core drivers of individual behavior and creates the link to the drivers of change in the business environment.